Intelligence Controller


Operator knows the doors position at all times allowing for fine tuning of the doors function.
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Fully adjustable acceleration, deceleration, full speed & slow speed functions. Individual tuning for the points at which the door slows down in the open and closing position.
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Door Intelligence

The Operator knows and remembers where the door is. If the door meets an obstruction, it quickly returns to the open position and on the next close cycles slows down to verify that the obstruction is clear increasing the safety of operation.
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Adjustable Mid-Stop

When you have a tall door but do not require full operation, the SUEMAX™ operator offers adjustable mid-stop function. The door will
operate within the daily programmed parameters, not opening fully reduces energy loss from the building. Anytime you need
to open the door fully give the controller and open command when it’s stopped at the mid-stop position.
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Inputs Supported

  • Open & Close Push Buttons
  • Stop Pushbutton
  • Hand/Auto Selector Switch
  • Door Closed Limit
  • Radio Controls
  • Safety Inputs (Eyes, Edge, ect.)
  • UL325 Safeties, When Specified
  • Loop Detectors
  • Keypad Entry
  • Toll Tags

Outputs Supported

  • Door Fully Open
  • Door Fully Closed
  • Door In Motion
  • Warning Horns
  • Warning Lights
  • Interlocking Of Doors

Two Operator Models Available:

Standard Trolley Style

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Jack Shaft Style

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