The fastest way to operate your overhead sectional garage doors.

The SueMax LS door controller is designed and programmed for quick and easy setup. It offers compatibility with several different door designs and operators. It has been developed with optimum safety and ease of use in mind. Its design and program offer remote operation, radio control operation, automatic timers, all safety and entry devices, and is simple to upgrade if necessary. The Program Logic Controller (PLC) is programmed and ready to go except for a few entries to finalize some of the functions. It operates by means of a PLC with HMI, Reversing Contractors and Limit Switches.
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Simple Energy Savings - Heated or Air Conditioned Buildings
• High speed door operation fully adjustable to your application
• Standard operator and controller operates via 120VAC
Safety - Move Your Door Safely and Quickly
  • Supports Safety Edges (wired or wireless)
  • Safety Eyes (Standard or UL325)
  • Light Curtains of any length
  • Loop Detectors (safety, entrance, and exit)
  • Radio Controls
  • Pushbutton Stations
In conjunction with safety comes intelligence. Should the SUEMAX™ receive feedback of a door obstruction, the door will remember where it was last obstructed and slow down to approach that point for the next single operation to reduce repeat collision.

Side By Side Door Operator comparison:

14' doors - Air operated door vs. SueMAX

  • Number of completed operations - OPEN & CLOSE - of the SueMAX
  • The air operated door bounces upon closing stressing the structure of the door
  • The SueMAX incorporates it's SafeToClose technology

Side By Side Door Operator comparison:

12' Doors - Standard chain drive operator vs. SueMAX

  • The door the SueMAX operates is wider than the comparison door
  • Race conditions - cold, snowing and windy - imagine how many dollars you're work space can save with a SueMAX!